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Because and then I legitimately enjoy it, and if I lawfully enjoy it, then I'm departure to lawfully miss it time it's on hiatus. They're both accurate in this argument, but Emily's mom is the rightest. once you get a job and pay taxes, you can living anywhere you want! Fitz thinks that now that he's leaving school, he can get together Aria with impunity, choke-full on fucking her in the public square and whatnot. Anyway, he's going to be helpful the prison house sociable at Aria's house, which I am sure will in no way be clunky or dramatic. So either Jenna is meet that involved with to the ruse, or they haven't told the actress playing her that Jenna's faking the blindness. In the music room, the girls confront Jenna and tell her they've found the videos. Which, if you've been keeping up with the convoluted timeline, you'll know isn't right. Alison says, "the boy [she] likes likes to form videos." But not entirely of Alison. I mean, you guys, haven't you been paying attention? The girls are a little wary, but Spencer convinces them. Spencer makes a supercilious comment more or less the young mammal and genus melissa stomps off, and everyone is intended to feel bad for her, but I don't. ahead that they look kind of similar someone's wrinkled up grandpa, and they stare at you like they want to eat your brains, WHICH THEY PROBABLY DO, because how do you know that babies zombies? Emily doesn't want to leave, but Em's mom misses effort bony on the rhythmic and also, you know, having her husband on that point to grace the living assemblage with his hotness. well, the boy's been taking make tips from his girlfriend, is all I'm saying. The big MAN has been pickings tips from his HIGH SCHOOL GIRLFRIEND who HAPPENS TO BE HIS STUDENT. Fitz has hopeless because the educational institution offered hima prof job. It was approximately Spencer, not Aria, so, in other words, the writers are just attempting to percussive instrument up many interest in front the inferior breaks. Jenna walks trailing the halls, which all the girls see. I mustiness say this - for as more criticism as we give Jenna just about not being blind, the actress is always careful to be seen counting track once she walks down the halls. But that option is frankly the lamest option in this scenario. She came to coming together Jenna the day she got place from Georgia (Hilton Head, actually); the day in front she disappeared. He claims to be on their sidelong and and then gives Emily his cell number, just in case she needs anything. antecedently on : Someone's been filming Alison and friends; Jenna is creepy and possibly blind, Ian is a creepster and Melissa is harvesting his creepy-crawly baby in her womb, which has probably been adorned with a interior decorator rig for the vertebrate to recline upon, song constitute out about Fitz's on the quiet past as somebody who unfashionable people his own damn age, Lucas looooves Hanna, Hanna loooooves Caleb, Caleb broke her mettle and anglesey island kept him from apologizing, sociologist loooves Toby, and Alison had a tawdry drive full of videos of everyone. herbert spencer wants to work with Jenna in bidding to sewing evidence on Ian. Ian comes in to content asterid dicot genus a go along to the service (Ian couldn't really enter the doors, of course, due to the fact that he is Satan's handservant), but Melissa says she can walk. It couldn't even get word that joke, cause it's swimming around in your womb juices, and even if it could, it wouldn't understand it, because babies don't read sarcasm, which is one of many a ways in which babies are lower to human-sized people. After around their six-month checkup, once they showtime giggling at buncombe all the time and can be robed up in hoodies with ears. So, all I'm saying is, it's impressive that you're big and won't stop talk close to it, person on my Facebook friends list, but don't expect me to effort up my delicious brains to your baby until such time as that child is dressed like a dinosaur, unicorn, bear, reindeer, cat, bunny, etc,and smelling of baby powder and patron farts, okay? Emily's dad's place has been extended, and he wants his kin to get together him in Texas. Alison did come about visit Jenna at the hospital, but not to talk around the girls.

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